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Phantasia Hawaii

Cats Claw Tincture

Cats Claw Tincture

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Cats Claw 'Una De Gato' Tincture. High Strength.
Indigenous to the Amazon Rainforest, Una De Gato is regarded as a gift from the Gods. Native tribes dating back to the Inca civilisation value the plants spiritual virtues and therapeutic properties alike. 

The purchase of this products support the propagation of medicinal plants in Hawaii. Mahalo.

*Statements not evaluated by the FDA.


Reduces damage from environmental chemicals (such as glyphosate)
Regulates Immune System
Supports Digestive Health
Anti-viral and Anti-parasitic
Lowers Blood Pressure
Mild Contraceptive

These statement have not been FDA approved. Not intended for pregnant women.


*Uncaria tomentosa
*Kosher Vegetable Glycerin
*Grain Alcohol 70%
*Herb Strength ratio: 1:3


1-2ml once to twice daily.

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